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I am one of those people that uses browser tabs as a To-Do list, this can cause confusion with which tabs are for what project/task, thus Tabee was born.

Tabee is a very simple project management chrome plugin that allows you to sort your tabs by projects.


New Project. So to get started with a new project is so simple. Middle click the Tabee icon will move all tabs inside that window into the new project. Then it’s really easy to add current new tabs using the Ctrl + Q command inside that project.

Project Overview. Inside each project is the list of tabs saved to that project. In here you can define the colour of the project by clicking the colour you want. I use the colours personally for importance.

All Projects. All projects is an overview of the different projects you have saved within Tabee to make it quick and easy to navigate and load up the workspace you want.

fig1. identity
fig 2. new project
fig 3. project overview
fig 4. all projects

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