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UI Design
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Milkstork is a service that provides a convenient way for business traveling, breast feeding moms to supply breast milk to be available for her baby back home for each day she is away.

The Milkstork team approached me wanting there new startup to have an easy, light and minimal website to get there product off the ground.

The next problem to solve was the form information, because the main purpose of this site was to make sales and the product itself requires multiple shipping addresses and dates.

My solution

Generally this is a lot of information to be gathered on one form and could have a negative effect on sign-ups due to the type of information needed. I think the logical way to handle information like this would be a step-by-step form to progress the person/mum through it.fig5 — fig8

I also made a small illustration for the How it Works page, following a 4 step theme keeping in line with the motto.fig7

The process started with some mockups fitting in the necessary content they wanted, which once broken down was just an Introduction, Learn More, & a Get started Formfig2

fig1. logo
fig2. homepage mockups v1
fig3. homepage mockups v1.1
fig4. homepage mockups v1.2
fig5. progressive form stage 1
fig6. progressive form stage 2
fig7. progressive form stage 3
fig8. progressive form stage 4
fig9. illustration for 'how it works'

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