A Fresh Look.

Not that anyone cares but I finally got round to finishing my website. Hopefully this layout reflects better on my style and accommodates better the content I want to display.

I think it's always good to redesign your own personal brand every now and again because it helps keep you on track to the image you are trying to get across, constantly reflecting on yourself and being your number one critic.

Sorry about any rambling I do or when I don't make any coherent sense I'm completely new to this writing in public shenanigan and if I'm completely honest I feel very much outside my comfort zone. Plus side of that I guess is they say being outside your comfort zone helps you be more productive and creative which can't hurt in my industry.

Anyway the plan for this new medium I have created for myself is to display my creations and thoughts in a public facing arena so that I can hopefully hit that right level of anxiety to push myself.

I do have a few 'things' I would to release over the next few months. One of these things should be coming out soon, I have posted little shots of a couple of them onto my Dribbble.